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3D design

3D digital shoes

For the manufacturing of a 3D model in CAD we need a last and a 3D digital sole of the customer.

For the making of a 3D model we scan the production last so we can draw the desired model of the shoe in the CAD program. After drawing the model we produce the basic patterns of the shoe in 3D.
After that the patterns are specified with the thickness, structure and color.
last but not least we put the sole (given by the customer) under the 3D shoe, of course this is all done in CAD.

3D Shoe

The Future

One of our plans for the future is to begin using rendering so we can make foto realistic images of the 3D shoe. This image can then be used to try different materials and colors on the shoe without actually making the shoe in real life. The benefit of this technique is that a (partly) virtual collection can be made, which can reduce the cost of making a collection.